Gone are the days due to homesickness or otherwise, many wouldn’t dare to leave their hometowns or the country in want cozy life and would settle down with cool jobs locally. With a changed scenario in the global market, in keeping with the modern trend, many Indian job seekers crossing the borders and boarding foreign airlines in want of lucrative jobs there, with attractive packages. Global citizenship has become the order of the day. Homesick Bengalis not to be left behind followed the trend and moved to other places offering better carrier growth prospects including overseas placements.

Typical Indian culture carries the tradition wherever they move. “The common saying, that when three Bengalis are assembled, a Durga Puja will not be far behind”. Puja Festival in autumn went on to become the most widespread community festival globally. The festival has crossed the boundaries of oceans and seas to reach the other continents, wherever Bengalis have made their presence felt. With the gaining popularity, the festival has taken a gigantic leap forward, to be celebrated in six continents and 36 counties, besides India and Bangladesh sharing the majority of the Pujas. It is believed in West Bengal alone there are about 37,000 pujas are being organized and Bangladesh around 32,000. About a half a century ago in countries like the USA, Europe, and Africa Durga Puja was initiated and Celebrated on a moderate scale. About 50 percent of pujas are conducted in the USA and UK alone, started as early as 1960 or 1970.

Overseas Celebrations may not be as impressive as is being celebrated in Indian states or Bangladesh, though Bengalis leave no stone unturned to bridge the gap of thousands of miles away back home at their home states. In fact, it’s a great way to gain a glimpse of Bengali Diaspore residing in different parts of the world, where Puja is celebrated in a different manner and duration. During the festival, Bengalis become a single-family merged by their shared interest in traditional Bengali culture, attire, and cuisine. Indeed, Durga Puja in overseas has turned from a religious function to the biggest socio-cultural festival where people from all communities come to a common platform to display their talents in art and culture. Due to the unavailability of holidays during the Pujas, unlike India, the duration range between one-day celebrations to the five-day event, as per the convenience of the organizers. However, most of the Pujas are held on weekends which are proximity to the actual calendar dates. Depending upon the financial strength of the Puja committee the organizers also bring artists for performing during the puja, from a faraway place like India. While many other fly idols from Kumartuli, some even fly Priests and Dhakis from Kolkata.

There are many countries where Durga Puja is celebrated grandly, namely Bangladesh, Nepal, Canada, the USA, UK, and Australia. Besides, there are several other countries where Pujas are celebrated on a moderate scale, an exhaustive list of 8 African nations, 19 European countries, 2 countries of Oceania, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Myanmar, South America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Srilanka, Thailand, Malasia, Trinidad, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Bangladesh however holds the distinction of holding maximum number of pujas, next to India.

Because of the unprecedented situation looming large, globally due to continued COVID conditions, human life and property are in great danger. Under such conditions, due to strict government regulations in place by different countries, Celebrations are likely to be badly hit, scaled-down celebrations seem to be the only answer!