Bipul Sarkar a leading artisan of Noida, passing sleepless nights at his Nithari factory, in want of sufficient orders for upcoming Ganesh festivals, Vishwakarma Puja, and more importantly Durga Puja Celebrations. He is perhaps the biggest single creator and supplier of idols catering to the needs of all sections of society, especially the big bannered ones of Noida and surrounding areas.

The family originally from Gangarampur, West Dinajpur district of West Bengal, are engaged in this profession for more than three generations now. They even own a full-fledged factory in their hometown, wherein his extended family members work in unitedly to create the deities of God. Bhagirath Sarkar, his father was the one leave the home comforts, to land up at Noida, a sleepy district of UP 38 years back, in want of new opportunities

for expanding his footprints. With the passage of time he set up at sector 10, Noida started earning profits, went ahead for a bigger unit at sector 20. Bipul took over the reins from his father, made his dream bigger with a full-fledged factory shed at Village Nithari, Noida.

Bipul has been a constant support to his family business, right from his childhood days, after the school hours would settle down with his father keenly watching the nitty-gritty of God making practices. As he turned 15, stepped into the shoes of his father, and started creating of his own, father took a backseat due to health issues. Once Bipul occurred the driver seat, never looked back, the business grew leaps and bounds. His last year’s figure of making 70 Durga Idols, 300 Kali Idols, 400 Vishwakarma idols, 420 Ganesh idols, and 470 Saraswati Idols, speak volume of creativity and reputation. He is responsible for creating some of the finest Durga idols last year supplying to Gaur City, NTPC, Chattarpur, Bijnor, and Kota, all costing more than a lakh of rupees.

During this period of time in any given year, he is generally flooded with orders for making Ganesha, Vishwakarma, and quite a few Durga Idols. This year has been a difficult year for him, sluggish demand due to the onslaught of COVID 19 Pandemic in the country has made his life upside down. His factory at Nithari gives a deserted look with few workers not much occupied. With the continued disturbing trend further, a gloomy time for him with an incurable financial crisis in sight !!