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Talks about Narayani Namastute

Navodaya Times, Punjab Kesari

Awards given to best Durga Puja committees of NCR

News Coverage in 2019

The Biggest Carnival

“NARAYANI NAMASTUTE-2019” The Biggest Carnival of 2019 organized by Dream Nurturists Avenue

A Colossal Event

"Narayani Namastute 2018" A Colossal Event Organised by “Dream Nurturist’s Avenue”

near SB Park Puja Pandel

News Coverage in 2019

Durga Puja across Delhi NCR

Huge pandals with idols of Goddess Durga are set-up for Durga Puja celebrations, and devotees come in large numbers to offer prayers to the goddess.

Narayani Namastute Puja Parikrama 2019

(Awards & Recognitions)

बांगिया समिति के क्रूज जैसे पंडाल, बलाका दुर्गोत्सव की दुर्गा प्रतिमा को अवॉर्ड

Narayani Namastute Puja Awards will be given in the competition of Pandals